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The settings of the domain name and hosting package can be edited through the 'Visionhost Control Panel' which can be found at:

Make sure to edit the right settings, as editing specific settings may cause your webhosting package to function incorrectly.

Because of the increased security in Windows (and Internet Explorer) you will see an error when there's no certificate installed. We haven't installed a certificate for this page, but you can trust that you have arrived at the right page and ignore the error message.

All files can be uploaded through FTP software (for example; and stored files will be placed in the /httpdocs/ folder.

Below you will find a list of various internet providers. If your provider is not found on the list below, we would advise you to contact your internet provider about their SMTP server or search their website for the 'SMTP' settings. - -

Blueyonder -

BT Connect -

BTOpenworld/BT Internet - - - - -


NTL World -

O2 - -

pop.1 and -

Sky -

Talk Talk - -

Tiscali -

Virgin - - - -