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All prices mentioned on our website exclude our standard 21% VAT.

You can, in accordance with the notice period, cancel your services by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Please make sure to include your account number and your domain name when doing so. We would appreciate it if you could also specify the reason for your termination and any further comments on how we could improve our services.

If you decide to upgrade to a higher package, the following corrections to your account will be made:

- We will subtract the amount you have already paid for your current package.

- We will make a correction to your account based on the months that you were not able to use the additional options (which means the difference of the monthly price x the amount of months that tou were not able to use the additional options).

No. The webstore and webhosting packages can only be paid for on an annual basis.

Yes, upgrading to a higher package at a later date is possible.

Once you go over the website traffic limit, we will contact you about whether you should upgrade to a higher package or if you should increase the limit on your site for a one-time fee.