Once you've logged in to the management screen of your web shop, go to 'Manage content' > 'Content'. Next, click the 'Add a new page' button. On this page you can enter the title and content of your new page. To create the page, click the 'Add a page' button.

To add the page to the menu of your webstore, go to 'Manage content' > 'Menu settings' and click the 'Add a new menuitem' button. On this page choose the 'Content' option at 'Module:'. At 'Item:' you can choose the title of your new page. You can add the new page to your menu by clicking the 'Add menu item' button on the bottom of this page.

You can set one of your menu items as default item by clicking the white star icon which can be found in front of the item. A yellow icon will indicate which item has been set as the default menu item.

The 'Content' and 'Menu settings' modules are also explained in our online video manual. These videos can be watched here:


Menu settings:

An SSL certificate requires that every online shop is located on a separate IP address. Sadly there are not enough IP addresses assigned to all of our customers to make this possible, which is the reason why we don't offer this as part of the package.

Payments will go via PayPal and completed using their secured SSL.