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Can I import a product list in to 123WEBSHOP?
Posted by , Last modified by on 01 February 2013 10:41 AM

Yes, it is possible to import a product list in to 123WEBSHOP, but please note, we only support .csv files (CSV files can be edited using Microsoft Excel).

You can download a sample product list from the management screen of your webstore. The list can be found by going to 'Manage Web Shop' > 'Products' and then clicking on the 'Import Product List' button. On this page you’ll find the following text that says 'Click Here to Download an Example Product List’, click the underlined word to begin the download of the example. You can now save and open the CSV file on your computer.

When you have entered your products into the file, you will be able to upload the product list to your site. Go to 'Manage Web Shop' > 'Products' and click the 'Import Product List' button, followed by the 'Browse' button. A new window will pop up and allow you to select your product list, after which you need to click the 'Import Product List' button. All your products will now be created in the management screen of your shop.

Please Note:  Product lists can only be uploaded once logged in to the management screen of 123WEBSHOP. Unfortunately you cannot add images in to the CVS file; this can only be done manually.