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I would like to add links to my shop. How can I do this?
Posted by on 31 January 2013 01:16 PM

Once you're logged in into the management screen of your shop, go to 'Manage content' > 'Links'. Next, click the 'Add a new link' button. On this page you can enter the description and URL of the new link. To add the link, click the 'Add link' button. The link can be found in the menu of your shop, if you've added the menu item 'Links' to the menu.

You can also create and manage the categories for your links. In the 'Links' summary, click 'Manage Categories', which will allow you to edit existing categories by clicking the pencil icon. You can create a new category by clicking the 'Add a new Category' button.

The 'Links' module is also explained in our online video manual. The video can be watched here: