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I would like to add a PDF file to one of my content pages (for example for my general conditions). How can I make the PDF file downloadable from my page?
Posted by on 31 January 2013 01:15 PM

Login to the management screen of 123WEBSHOP and go to 'Manage content' > 'Filemanager'. Then click the '+ Upload' button and select 'Browse'. A new window will pop up where you can select the file you would like to upload, and click 'Open'. You can upload the selected file by clicking the 'Upload Selected File' button.

To add the PDF file to one of your content pages, go to 'Manage content' > 'Content' and edit one of your pages by clicking the pencil icon. In the text editor you are able to enter a new line of text, for example: 'Click Here to Download a PDF Version of Our General Terms & Conditions.’ Select this new text and click the 'Link' icon (this is found on the toolbar, 14th icon along, 2nd row down). A new window will pop up, click the 'Browse Server' icon and select the PDF file that you uploaded in the first step.

Your text is now underlined and once the content page has been saved, the PDF file will be available to download. Save these settings by clicking the 'Save changes' button.

The 'Filemanager' and 'Content' modules are also explained in our online video manual. These videos can be watched here:

File manager: