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I would like to create one or more subcategories. Is this possible?
Posted by on 31 January 2013 01:14 PM

Yes it is, you can create new subcategories in the management screen of 123WEBSHOP. Make sure that you have at least one main category set up before you follow the steps below.

To create a new subcategory, go to 'Manage webshop' > 'Categories' and click the 'Add a new Category' button. On this page you can choose the title of the main category where the new subcategory should be created at the 'Category Position' field. You can now enter more information about the new subcategory on this page like the title, tags and image. To create the new subcategory, click the 'Add Category' button on the bottom of this page.

To add one of your products to the new subcategory, go to 'Manage webshop' > 'Products' and edit one of your products by clicking the pencil icon. Click the 'Categories' tab and then check/enable all the categories where you want this product to be shown. Confirm the updates by clicking the 'Save changes' button. Your edited product can now be found in the categories of your choice.

The 'Categories' module is also explained in our online video manual. The video can be watched here: