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How can my shop gain a better position in the results of search engines like Google?
Posted by on 31 January 2013 01:10 PM

A good method to gain a better position on search engines is to get more links from other web sites to your online shop. The more links from other sites it has, the more search engines will see your shop as a valuable one and list it higher in its rankings.

You can easily apply your website to various directory pages listed below:

Also note that search engines aim to provide the best information to their visitors, so make sure to have unique (self-written) content on your website. We also suggest including various keywords that are valuable and relevant to your shop and products, as this will help you get found easier and give you a wider reach online.

We also suggest trying Google Adwords, as you can easily create advertisements that describe your website and will help to attract new, potential customers. With Google Adwords you can easily choose keywords that potential customers may search for. This advertising service is based on a small, adjustable pay per click fee, you will have complete control of your spending and you can easily set daily or weekly budgets (there is no minimum spending requirement). Google Adwords helps you easily get the attention of potential customers and listing your advertisements within the first results page of their site, with you only paying once someone clicks on your ad.