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How can I add the General Terms & Conditions to my webstore?
Posted by on 31 January 2013 01:05 PM

Once you're logged in into the admin screen of 123WEBSHOP, go to 'Manage content' > 'Content' and click 'Add a new page'. Here you’ll be able to enter a title for your new page and enter the General Terms & Conditions in the field below. To create the page, click the 'Add a page' button.

To add the page to the menu of your webstore, go to 'Manage content' > 'Menu settings' and click the 'Add a new menuitem' button. At 'Module:' choose 'Content'. At 'Item:' choose the title of your new page and click the 'Add menuitem' which can be found on the bottom of this page.

At 'Settings' > 'Webshop settings', tab 'Settings' you can enable the 'It is required to accept the general terms & conditions' option. Once you save these settings, customers must agree to the general terms and conditions of your webstore before they can complete their order.

The 'Content' and 'Menu settings' module is also explained in our online video manual. The video can be watched here:


Menu settings: