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Printing address labels with a Dymo Label Writer
Posted by on 31 January 2013 01:01 PM

The method below has been tested on Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7. Tested in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9.

We’re assuming that your Dymo Label Writer is properly installed on your PC and you're already able to print labels.


- Windows Operating System

- A working Dymo Label Writer

1) Start by opening the 'DYMO Label' software and selecting your desired address label from the left hand side menu. Then click File > Save As and save the file under C: \ with the name: 123webshop.

2) Go to the administration screen of your webstore and edit one of your orders by clicking on the pencil icon.

3) Then click the ‘Print Address Label' button under 'Delivery address'.

4) You will now get a message at the top of your screen about 'ActiveX Control'. Click the 'Allow' button, but please note that you may see this pop up a few more times, as this is required when printing your very first labels.

5) The address label will now be printed via your Dymo Label Writer.

If the address label fails to print, check your Internet Explorer security settings (these should be on a default setting) and the settings you may have for any other security programs installed on your computer.

Another possible solution would be to try to remove the Dymo Label Writer software, then download and install the latest version from (